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Essential Interior Concept - EIC Pte Ltd is a “maker at heart”. A love of craft and design permeates every architectural project and often leads to innovative new uses for materials and processes. EIC sees architecture and design as vehicles for improving people's lives and strive to find the best solution to any given project.

We are passionate professionals with strong belief in materials, craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. Founding our own practice in 2000, Essential Interior Concept - EIC Pte Ltd has been widely recognized for work in a variety of projects by esteemed clients. For more information, get in touch today.


Mr. David Lam

Design Consultant / Team Leader

David was a music educator whose interest in interior design and artistic flair led to his pursuit to becoming an interior designer.  David has garnered many years of designing experience including a 3 year stinct as a Design Director in Zhanjiang, China where he led a company of 24 designers with an annual turnover of 300 homes.
David's Passion, Commitment and Flair for details made him a highly sought after designer.


Mr. Chris Chia

Design Consultant / Project Manager

Chris is another all-time favourite veteran with 15 years of experience including crafting dream homes in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Chris was invited and featured as guest designer to various Home Expo fairs in Kuala Lumpur and other states of Malaysia.  Well-liked by many clients for his Creative ideas embedded with practicality.

van head.jpg

Ms. Vanessa Chow

Chief Design Officer

From a young age, Vanessa had always been intrigued by designs.  This led her to pursue her studies in Product & Industrial Design.  With more than 7 years’ of experience in furniture and interior design, Vanessa has journeyed with many home owners to understand their needs and wants and incorporate them in her design conceptualization.  Equipped with a keen eye for colour and material, Vanessa will select the best for your house incorporating tasteful design and functionality.  She believes that a good design that meets both aesthetic and home owners' needs will transform a house into a home.


Mr. Andreas Koh

Design and Project Executive

Andreas's passion gets spark off each time a dream home is conceptualized.  His energy gets boosted as he sees the home takes shape and finally handed over to happy client.  Having 3 years of interior design and behind-the-scene experience, home owners can safely entrust Andreas as he wholeheartedly make sure your dream home become a reality!

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Master Ng Kwee Hong

Chief Carpentry Consultant

Hong started as a young and skillful craftsman 30 years ago.  He is now a highly regarded industry expert both in Malaysia and Singapore with vast experience and refined expertise. Hong embraces every job with great enthusiasm.  He will personally monitor and ensure each and every project is of the highest quality carpentry workmanship.